Group History

1st Thornton Scout Group History

1st Thornton Scout Group was established in 1926 and began life in a clubhouse on Gamble Road, that belonged to the giant ICI works on what is now Hillhouse industrial estate.  The clubhouse was a much loved location, it even had a swimming pool which the Scouts used for water-based activities, including making and testing rafts and having mock sea battles.  Alas ICI was split up, and a consequence was the closure of the Gamble Road clubhouse, and the need for 1st Thornton to find a new home. 

In 1995, the Group moved to its current premises at St John’s Church Hall and settled in.  There was a brief hiatus when the Group was closed 2014-2016 due to a lack of volunteers.  Since re-opening in 2016, the Group has been going strong and can soon look forward to celebrating 100 years of Scouting!

If you have details about our history, we would love you here from you. Everything from old photos or stories are welcome.